My name is Trina and am currently living in the beautiful Okanagan. My passions are making people smile, not staying in one place for too long, watching my son grow into an incredible young man, late night snuggles with Jenna the forever kitten, day dreaming about Vanlife, good wine and creating products that are better for your body.

I started creating body products for myself and my son because he struggled with a painful skin condition. I've always looked at the ingredient list as he was sensitive to many. In 2002 I took my passion for skincare and became a Certified Esthetician. Here is where I believe my eyes were completely opened to the products that we were 'taught' to put on the skin and I just knew there had to be a better way. A couple years passed I was given the opportunity to work for one of the industries most environmentally sustainable cosmetic companies and that's where I was shown that there really was a better way! This then led to on the path I'm on now with Sage+Quartz.

I wanted to show people that your skincare doesn't need to have a bunch of ingredients, that you can't pronounce, to give you the same benefits as the big name-brand companies do.

I live life one goal at a time but my main goal for this company is to bring awareness of unnecessary ingredients that are in your everyday skincare by creating a unique skincare line that is good for you and the environment.



To be or not to be – She chose to be