De novo market

de no·vo
/ˌdə ˈnōvō, dē ˈnōvō/

adverb: de novo

  1. from the beginning; anew.


A modern market in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, focusing on locally made and Canadian made products where ever possible.

De Novo Market is a place where many different elements gather underneath one roof, from jams and snacks to skin and body care, jewelry, home decor and so much more. The market is as eclectic as the talented and local vendors, and items can be bought individually or made up into beautiful customizable gifts for your loved ones. 

De Novo Market was founded by Trina and Lyra, two business owners in the Okanagan who decided to embark on a new venture together after the COVID-19 crisis hit.

Combining their skills and shared desire to help people during the pandemic, Trina and Lyra have created an accessible service to shoppers in the Okanagan and beyond—in fact, to all those in Canada who may need delivery services or wish to give gifts to friends and families.

• We want to be there for the mom who has a new babe and can’t make it out for groceries.
• We want to be there for the grandfather in a retirement home celebrating a birthday.
• We want to be there for your clients and staff preparing for a looming corporate event.

Above all, we believe gift-giving can be both convenient and local-focused.

Who We Are

Trina is the creator of two industry-leading product lines: Sage+Quartz and De Novo Apothecary, bestsellers in the De Novo Market. A certified esthetician, Trina has also worked with one of the top spine surgeons in Canada for over 13 years. With an attention to detail second to none, Trina is the powerhouse that keeps the De Novo team focused organized and on schedule even during the busy holiday season.

Lyra balances Trina with a degree in the Culinary Arts and a certificate in business management. Her passions lay in custom designs, home renovations, staging, landscaping, textiles and creating beautiful peaceful spaces. Lyra has served her community for years with restaurant launches, menu planning, product sourcing, and vacation rentals. She has designed two retail stores and is currently designing her own home -- essentially a new build. She has a natural talent for curating products and can tie disparate items into one thoughtful and unified gift. She is the perfect consultant for a successful home update and her skills are honed for your income properties. If you have always hoped to capitalize on the summer rental season, while sticking to a specific budget and timeline, you can trust Lyra.

With Trina and Lyra, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. De Novo Market was born during the COVID-19 crisis and is your place to start anew.