de novo is a modern market in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, that offers a selection of local and Canadian-made goods for your home, body, and life.

With simplicity in mind, de novo market – whether in our physical shop or online – provides a relaxing customer experience making it easy for you to shop and curate an eclectic collection of gifts to give or gift yourself. Our natural skincare line is made right here in Summerland and uses the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. It’s easy to find something beautiful here. 

We choose products that are local, natural, and ethically made for your peace of mind.


About the owners:

Founded by Trina and Lyra in 2020, de novo market combines their skills and shared desire to support others in simplifying and beautifying their lives. Born during the pandemic, Trina and Lyra envision de novo as a place to start anew. 

Creating a space that supports peace, wellness, and generosity, Trina and Lyra believe that self-care and gift-giving can be an easy and enjoyable experience.

Trina is the creator of two industry-leading product lines: Sage+Quartz and de novo Apothecary, bestsellers at de novo market. A certified esthetician, Trina is the powerhouse that keeps the de novo team focused, organized, and in line with our highest values.

Lyra brings a degree in the Culinary Arts and a certificate in business management. Her passions lay in custom designs and creating beautiful peaceful spaces. She has a natural talent for curating products and can tie disparate items into one thoughtful and unified gift.